Buffalo Trace 1L


The history of humanity is woven with the stories of those who have persevered through struggle, courage, and strength, and the pioneering people of the United States of America are no exception. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a testament to that same spirit of resilience and determination. Crafted in the world’s most celebrated distillery, this whiskey pays tribute to the rugged strength of the people with every sip, transporting you to the banks of the Kentucky River. Aged for an estimated 8-10 years with an undisclosed mash bill, this NAS whiskey is bottled at 90 proof, offering a complex flavor profile that is both sweet and minty. With notes of vanilla and a hint of mint on the finish, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon is a rich and balanced drink that honors the legacy of America’s past. Each slow sip of this succulent whiskey is like turning a page of the American story, taking you on a journey through history.

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